St Luke's Church, Bricket Wood

   Babies and Toddlers

 Apologies - due to Covid-19 these activities are currently suspended.


At St Luke's we love having babies and toddlers around!  

Here you'll find information about what's on offer.


Baby & Toddler Group (Sally's Place)

Sally's Place is a group for parents and babies/toddlers which meets in the hall on Thursdays from 1.30 - 3.30 pm during the term.  It is a great place to bring your little one for a play while you have a cup of tea.  Anyone is welcome so do feel free to come and see us anytime.


Crèche Room

This is a DIY crèche!  If you want to stay in church there is a child friendly area at the back of church. Babies and toddlers are very welcome in our Sunday morning services, and we don't mind a bit of noise at all, but we know it's sometimes helpful to be able to nip out for a bit so our crèche room is available should you need it.  Stocked with lots of toys, there is also a video link from the church so you won't miss the service.